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PCB name
Kind of order new data      stored data
Quantity*   1    2 
  3    4 

PCB type*
Material*    other 
Thickness*    other  mm
No. of layers*    other 
Endcopper outer layers* 35     70     105  µm
other  µm
Copper inner layers* 35     70     105  µm
other  µm

Dimensions PCB*  x  mm
Dimensions panel  x  mm
PCBs per panel
Min. holesize*  mm
Number of holes / PCB
SMD one side     two sides     without
Min. track width  µm
Min. track / track distance  µm

Soldermask* one side     two sides     without
Color    other 
Silkscreen* one side     two sides     without
Color    other 
UL-identification yes      no
Carbonprinting one side     two sides     without
Pealable solder resist one side     two sides     without

Surface-finish* HAL-leadfree     Leaded HAL     Chem. Ni/Au     Entek+
Hardgold Connector     partial contacts     without
Mechanical finishing* Routing     Scoring     Routing + Scoring
Electrical test yes     no

Delivery time*    other  WD
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