Our Service

We can offer you:
Single and double sided printed circuit boards
Multilayer boards from 4 - n layers
Fine line technology
• Aluminium core technology
Prototypes, small and medium batch sizes
  - in express delivery time
  - in short standard delivery times
Large quantities manufactured in Asia

These days, Outsourcing and Lean Production have become key words and regularly feature in today's management methods and strategies. H & S Leiterplatten have learned to apply these methods with very effective results.


However our main objective is to anticipate our customer's requirements and then to apply tried and tested solutions to them.

The experience we have gained through consistently using these methods enables us to satisfy your PCB requirements regardless of quantity, delivery and technology. We call on third party expertise to enhance our product, using our established supplier partnerships - we make a winning team!

Regardless of producing or trading pcbs:
Data preparation that plays a decisive roll in determing the quality of products and final inspection with electrical test, we will never part with.

You will find our technological capabilities illustrated on the inquiry form. However, if the requirements of your project should go beyond the capabilities you see, please contact us. We gladly accept a challenge and we'll find a solution together with you!

Your partners at H&S Leiterplatten Service GmbH are extremely technically capable and are here to help you out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Try us out!